Sunday, 11 November 2012

fairy lights

Here are some of my new fairy lights that I've been making for Christmas.
I screen printed them on hand dyed cotton lawn. The colours remind me of Refreshers...which I used to eat a lot of!

These are printed using a heat press with disperse dyes, onto slipper satin. This is a process I really enjoy. It's very immediate and has lots of scope for experimenting with texture and layering of different colours. I mix my own dyes and play around with creating different textures with the liquid dyes on paper. Then I cut the dried papers up and literally sandwich them between the fabric like a kind of collage and the heat of the press draws the dye into the fibres of the fabric. I keep building layer apon layer. 

and some of my old favourites....

I love hunting around for vintage fabrics and have quite a big collection of lovely bits and bobs. These lights are made mostly from silk scarves which have a lovely translucency when they are lit up. 


  1. Hi Rachel, these look lovely. Sorry I won't be able to make it to Burgh House, but I hope you all have a successful time and I look forward to hearing about it.

    1. Thank you! No worries - I know its not in your neck of the woods at all.
      See you soon.