Sunday, 2 December 2012

Baby lights!

I've made baby lights.. and they are so tiny!
They are battery operated LED's and made from paper that I screen printed.
It's been a crazy time as I'm busy getting ready to try my luck at Greenwich Market next week.

They are a 'very limited edition' of just a few sets and a bargain at £ hurry up in time for Christmas! There will also be Christmas cards...

 bigger lantern strings...

table lamps... 

and hanging pendant lamps...

You can find me at Greenwich Craft Market next Tuesday 4th December...freezing my socks off no doubt!


  1. LOVE the pendant lamp - looks absolutely fantastic, baby lights gorgeous as well. Hope Greenwich was good and busy and not quiet and cold - berloody freezing here!

  2. thank you- glad you like it! Greenwich was great fun - a bit quiet but you need to do your time during the week to earn your spot at the weekends! Rather chilly too - Henry's thermal long johns may have looked a bit comical...but they did the job!